How Wood Accent Walls Easily Change the Look of Your Entire House

Are you someone who loves to keep it simple! Well, your choice is class-apart as it is said that “Less is always more” and your such ideas always reflect in your home. If you are looking to add a minimalist touch to your home, then there is not much to think about as a wood accent wall can do the job for you. Just a wall different from all the others can change the perception of your entire space and it will facelift the value of your house as well if in case, you decide to sell it in the future.

If you take a look around, then you will find a few wood wall accent ideas in houses. This idea is something that homeowners do not think of. We all are stuck in that pattern of getting familiar with those four walls with a similar color palette and you would agree that with time, it gets boring. Even if you change the colors of the walls now and then, but it will never give you the look which is given by the classic wood accent wall. Thus, if you are the one who wants it simple and a changed look to your house, here’s how a wood accent wall can easily do that for you.

What is a wood accent wall?

We all know the four walls of the house and a wood accent wall is the one that has the individual attention of the entire space. For instance, if the house concept is of the open kitchen, then the wall dividing that space between the kitchen and the living area would be the accent wall. Now the wood accent wall can be big or small, depending on the size of the space. Now there are many ideas of how you want to do that accent wall since there are many types of wood available. But be it any, a wood accent wall is going to be one of the most attractive walls of the house.

Creates dimensions

A wood accent wall is such an impactful element of the room as it adds a lot of style, texture, and depth to the room. The wall can make a small space look bigger as it creates dimensions to it. If you are looking to turn your room into something extraordinary, then the wood wall accent can surely help you achieve that look.

Reclaimed wood for the antique look

Reclaimed wood is that wood that was previously used and recycled from various structures such as barns, factories, warehouses, decks, etc. A reclaimed wood accent wall gives the whole space a character while adding a vintage look to it. Such walls are usually used for the open-concept spaces to gives them a complete definition. Along with giving the space a rustic look, the wall is a great way to add an aesthetic to create warmth to the home. For instance, adding a reclaimed wood accent wall in the dining room is going to make it look beautiful, unique, and inviting.

Best areas to add the wood accent wall

If you are confused about where you should put the wood accent wall to change the look of your entire house, then the answer is simple…Everywhere! You can put it up in your entry hallway to impress your guests while they enter your home.

Apart from that, you can make your bedroom look warm and cozy by adding a wood accent wall. You do not have to be contemporary with it as you can simply choose the battered gray wood to make the whole look unique. To that accent wall, you can match up the tone of your furniture for warm colors and accessories complementing the whole space.

Being a homeowner, you should be aware of what suits your home and how it needs to be done. Adding a wood accent wall to any space is going to make it look much better and different than others. Also, the best thing about it is that it is easy to maintain and is a one-time investment. You do not have to replace it in the future. This is because the wood age better with time. Just slight maintenance and you are good to go. Thus, the next time when you are considering your home makeover, do not forget to add a different hue to your house with the wood accent wall.

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Five Tips to Save on Hardwood Flooring Costs

At some point in life when you own a house, you would surely want the floors to be of hardwood as they completely change the entire look of the space. And the best part about these hardwood floors is that they never go out of trend. And as they age, they reflect more beauty out of it. But it is a known fact that installing hardwood floors is a big investment because of its cost and you surely do not want to spend a fortune on it. You can save a lot of money on hardwood floors AZ once you do the right amount of research and gain knowledge about it.

Therefore, instead of taking a step back because of those heavy price tags on the hardwood floors, you must know how you can save money without having to compromise on the quality of the wood and the installation. Here are these five tips through which you can save a handful of your hard-earned money on hardwood flooring costs.

#1 Find a reliable and experienced hardwood flooring company

This is one of the most important tips to remember is that you must find a flooring company that is reliable and experienced. Ask around your friend circle and relatives whether they know any good flooring company. Find at least two to three options and research on those. Make sure to get quotes from those companies and read the online reviews. Once you are sure about the company you would like to go with, call them up and set a meeting.
Having a good flooring company by your side is going to make a lot of difference in terms of your finances and you will surely end up saving money on the hardwood flooring costs.

#2 Filter hardwood through its pricing range

We all have a budget whenever we decide to bring anything new into our homes. So be it a new refrigerator, a new house, and even the flooring. A budget is always to make sure that you are not spending too much on these things. When it comes to the hardwood floors, you can filter the products based on their price range. You will find varied categories of wood where you can save a good amount of dollars. Look for engineered wood, prefinished solid wood, luxury vinyl planks, etc. and you will end up getting a pretty much affordable deal on it.

#3 Get creative with what you decide

Hardwood flooring is costly, no doubt about it. But even though, you would look for some area where you can save at least a few dollars. And that can happen if you get creative with your decisions. This is called creative compromise. And the best thing to make this compromise is to opt for reclaimed wood floors. Reclaimed wood is nothing but the wood with a past, which means that the wood might have been used for some old barn or ship to name a few. The reclaimed wood floors not only add history to your house but also gives a vintage look to your home. And the plus point, it is cost-effective than other types of hardwood floors.

#4 Choose between solid wood and engineered wood

Engineered wood is factory-made and solid wood comes from the tree. This is easy to spot which wood will cost more. The cost of labor for engineered wood is comparatively less than solid wood installation. Also, the cost of solid wood depends on its hardness, and in the case of engineered wood, it depends on its thickness.

#5 Take baby steps

To save money on hardwood flooring costs, the best way to do is to take baby steps. Have a limited scope and do not try to reach a bigger goal. Do some of the floorings right now and do the other parts later. This way you can save money for the next project. If you feel that flooring for the kitchen is a necessity, do that first and after few months you can go for the living room. This way you will save more money and your budget will never get disturbed.

In the end, it all comes down to the choices that we make. But make sure that you are making the right and wise choices that will save you good money on the hardwood floors.

Benefits of Hiring A Professional Kitchen Hood Cleaning Company

commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me

Cleaning commercial kitchen hoods is one of those jobs in a restaurant that nobody likes to do, but it is so incredibly important to maintaining a safe kitchen. Kitchen hoods are specialized parts of the HVAC system and need to be properly cleaned every day by the kitchen staff. They also need to be cleaned by a professional commercial kitchen hood cleaning company twice a year. Every restaurant owner or manager that doesn’t have a kitchen cleaning company should be searching for commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me as soon as possible.

Some restaurant owners or managers forgo the “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me” search and attempt to train staff to thoroughly clean the kitchen hood system. Here are 3 reasons why every restaurant manager should hire a professional kitchen hood cleaning service:

1)  Safety

According to the National Restaurant Association, there are almost 8,000 restaurant and bar fires every year that cause an average of $246 million in direct property damage. This number does not include lost revenue while the fire restoration work is being done. While most kitchens have proper fire-suppression systems installed, it is the regular maintenance of kitchen equipment that gets missed. Twice-yearly professional commercial kitchen hood cleaning drastically reduces the risks of restaurant fires.

Failing to search for “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me” and hiring a professional cleaning company can put any restaurant at a much greater risk for fire.

There are many flammable materials in a commercial kitchen, but not many people think of a dirty kitchen hood as one of them. When flames leap too high from the cooking surface, the ventilation fan within the kitchen hood sucks the flame up into the system. For a clean kitchen hood, this is not a problem. In kitchens where there is build-up of grease and dirt within the kitchen hood system, this build-up ignites and can cause a massive fire. If the kitchen hood has been neglected for quite some time, that build-up of flammable grease can cause a large and dangerous fire that gets pulled into the entire system. Electrical components, wiring and ducting can all be damaged or completely incinerated by a kitchen hood fire. Of course, that much flame will also spread to other parts of the structure and the entire restaurant can be lost. Serious kitchen fires spread quickly to adjacent buildings, and the devastation can be extensive. Searching for “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me” can help prevent this from happening.

Professional services that advertise commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me are experienced and equipped to do routine inspections and cleanings of all types of commercial kitchen hoods. They are fast and efficient. Professional kitchen hood cleaning services keep restaurant kitchens safer.

2)  Efficiency

Though fire safety is the number one reason for finding a professional commercial kitchen hood cleaning company near me, it also increases the efficiency of the hood and HVAC system. Well-maintained commercial kitchen hoods use less energy to run, which saves money on utility costs for the restaurant.

Restaurants that have a standing bi-annual professional commercial kitchen hood cleaning company near me appointment find that their equipment lasts much longer with less need for repair. Grease and dirt build-up in kitchen hoods and ducting can contribute to breakdowns more regularly. Also, if the hood is not effectively removing grease from the air in the kitchen, other pieces of equipment are more likely to break down due to grease build-up.

3)  Saves on Down Time

Many restaurant managers do not think of the money-saving aspect of searching for “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me” and hiring a professional to inspect and clean their equipment. Hiring a professional means that the job will be done properly the first time and as fast as possible. When kitchen staff are tasked with the job, it generally takes much longer and is not done thoroughly. Since the kitchen needs to be shut down for the duration of the maintenance, extended cleaning periods really take a toll on the profitability of the restaurant.

Professional kitchen hood cleaning companies have the equipment to do the job right. They are efficient and effective. When a restaurant manager searches for “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me,” they are rarely disappointed with the results. Finding an experienced and reliable kitchen hood cleaning company can take a lot of stress and worry out of restaurant management.

What is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Roofing?

You might think that a roof is similar everywhere. All the difference that you can spot is of design and color but apart from that, there is nothing different about it. But guess what, there is a huge difference when it comes to commercial and residential roofing. Both types of roofs require a bunch of expenses when any damage or loss occurs to them. Along with that, these roofs must be made with superior quality material and installed with all the instructions and precautions. If you are looking to install residential roofing Albuquerque or commercial, you must be able to spot the difference in both types.

You must know the key differences between commercial and residential roofing to get the best quality roof for your purpose. In this blog, you will be able to understand completely the difference between commercial and residential roofing.

What is a commercial roof?

If you notice a commercial roof, then you would find it either completely flat or with a slight slope. Along with it, the commercial roofs are always bigger as compared to the residential roofs. There are a few factors that are considered when it comes to commercial roofing that includes the equipment weight that is held on the roof and also the larger area is covered to protect it. A continuous round of maintenance is required for commercial roofs.

What is a residential roof?

When it comes to the residential roof, then you will find a steep slope in most of the roofs. The residential roofs can be of different types ranging from asphalt shingles, wood shales, slate shingles to name a few. Depending upon your requirement, you can select the roofing for your home. These roofs are much smaller as compared to the commercial roofs.

Roofing materials

There is a difference between the roofing materials that are required for both commercial and residential roofs. Right from the cost, warranty, life expectancy, and installation, everything is different. Since residential roofs are steeper, there are varied options. But for commercial roofs, it comprises of metal or membrane only because they are usually flat. To get the work done perfectly, it is always recommended to get help from a qualified and experienced roofer who can install it properly. The experts have the best advice regarding which material will work best in your case.

The popular choice when it comes to residential roofing material is asphalt shingles. They are extremely easy to install and are budget-friendly.

For commercial roofing material, there are options such as tar, single-ply that includes TPO, PVC, and EPDM, modified bitumen, etc for the covering purpose. There are a lot of options available for commercial roofing and that is why the property owners are so critical about choosing the right roofing company that can do the best job with value for the money.


A residential roof usually takes 2-3 days for installation while a commercial roof takes weeks as there is a lot of assembly and construction involved. Since the commercial roofs are bigger, the materials require more days to strengthen, glued, and getting fixed. Commercial roofing needs to be installed in different layers of insulation and metal. Also, the commercial roofs are flat, but a slight slop is always kept so that the rainwater can get washed away easily.

Repair and maintenance

Residential roofing needs less maintenance and is easier to repair as there is not going to be a larger area with the problem. Whereas, with roofing, maintenance is required from time to time to avoid any big expense. And if in case there is a repair that needs to be done, then there are a set of guidelines that need to be followed, and many times it happens that the entire roof requires the repair and a protective sealant coat.

It is always a good idea to hire a reputed roofing company for residential or commercial roofing purposes. But before that, you must be able to spot the difference between the two types of roofing so that when you decide on your requirement, you already know what you are going to need. But always let the expert do his job.

What an Interior Decorator Can Do for You

If you are in the process or are currently working on redecorating a new or old space, hiring an Interior Decorator in Los Angeles is one of the smartest decisions you can make! It’s easy to underestimate the time and effort it takes to make a space truly shine, but design is all about understanding what the problem is and finding a solution. This can get a little messy on your own. Since you live in the space, it can be hard to have an unbiased outlook or to fully separate yourself from the project. However, a decorator doesn’t have an emotional attachment to your home, but they do have a fresh set of eyes! Whether you are on a budget, indecisive of what you want, or need help tying pieces together, here are six things an interior decorator can do for you.

1. Help You Save

You might be thinking “how can hiring a professional to help me decorate my space actually save me money?” We know it sounds a little absurd, but it’s definitely true! A good interior decorator in Los Angeles can help you avoid costly mistakes and will know how to get more for less. Instead of painting three or four times to find the perfect color palette, or buying a piece of furniture that is too big for your space, you can get it right the first time. If you are working with a tight budget, an experienced designer is going to know how to stretch it as far as possible. Whether it be through industry connections, bargain hunting, or DIY tricks.

2. Plan for You

A professional interior decorator can help you stay on budget and plan out your entire renovation for maximum efficiency! An experienced decorator doesn’t have to endlessly google products, brands, and prices, because they already have a plethora of resources readily on hand. All you have to do is give them your ideas, and in turn, they will provide you with options to choose from. Decorators also know how to identify and respond to design opportunities. Maybe an amazing deal came up on a couch that wasn’t in your original plan or budget? A decorator will know how to make it work so you don’t have to stress.

3. Offer You Their Trained Eye

The difference between you and an interior decorator in Los Angeles is that the decorator is a professional with a trained eye. This is their livelihood and, through experience, they have developed the ability to automatically tell if there is something wrong or right with a space, and know when something does or doesn’t work. Having a consultation with a decorator gives you access to their years of experience and wealth of knowledge, and working with a designer may make you more open to experimenting!

4. Connect You with Contacts

What if you don’t have a contractor and are on the search for one? What if you are looking for a custom piece to be built for your home? An interior decorator in Los Angeles doesn’t just help strengthen relationships, they also help start them! This is yet another way designers help save clients time, money, and headaches. Instead of trying to find a reliable contractor, plumber, or carpenter on your own, your interior decorator can refer you to one instead. There’s no need to waste time pouring over google reviews and hunting for recommendations. If you have an idea for a customer project, they can also connect you or help you find the right person for the job!

5. Increase Your Property Value

Whether or not you are renovating your space with the intention to sell it, an interior decorator in Los Angeles can increase the value of your home and potentially speed up the amount of time it takes for it to sell by ramping up the wow factor. The benefit here is two-fold: a faster turn-around time for you and more money that goes directly into your pocket!

6. Add Life Back Into Your Home

Interior decorators in Los Angeles are trained to think creatively and spatially, and to see a big picture that, often, clients cannot. An experienced decorator is able to think outside of the box while also paying attention to the smallest of details. From proper lighting and furniture placement to fabric choices and color palette and fixtures, a professional decorator can seamlessly tie together multiple elements without a hitch.