What an Interior Decorator Can Do for You

If you are in the process or are currently working on redecorating a new or old space, hiring an Interior Decorator in Los Angeles is one of the smartest decisions you can make! It’s easy to underestimate the time and effort it takes to make a space truly shine, but design is all about understanding what the problem is and finding a solution. This can get a little messy on your own. Since you live in the space, it can be hard to have an unbiased outlook or to fully separate yourself from the project. However, a decorator doesn’t have an emotional attachment to your home, but they do have a fresh set of eyes! Whether you are on a budget, indecisive of what you want, or need help tying pieces together, here are six things an interior decorator can do for you.

1. Help You Save

You might be thinking “how can hiring a professional to help me decorate my space actually save me money?” We know it sounds a little absurd, but it’s definitely true! A good interior decorator in Los Angeles can help you avoid costly mistakes and will know how to get more for less. Instead of painting three or four times to find the perfect color palette, or buying a piece of furniture that is too big for your space, you can get it right the first time. If you are working with a tight budget, an experienced designer is going to know how to stretch it as far as possible. Whether it be through industry connections, bargain hunting, or DIY tricks.

2. Plan for You

A professional interior decorator can help you stay on budget and plan out your entire renovation for maximum efficiency! An experienced decorator doesn’t have to endlessly google products, brands, and prices, because they already have a plethora of resources readily on hand. All you have to do is give them your ideas, and in turn, they will provide you with options to choose from. Decorators also know how to identify and respond to design opportunities. Maybe an amazing deal came up on a couch that wasn’t in your original plan or budget? A decorator will know how to make it work so you don’t have to stress.

3. Offer You Their Trained Eye

The difference between you and an interior decorator in Los Angeles is that the decorator is a professional with a trained eye. This is their livelihood and, through experience, they have developed the ability to automatically tell if there is something wrong or right with a space, and know when something does or doesn’t work. Having a consultation with a decorator gives you access to their years of experience and wealth of knowledge, and working with a designer may make you more open to experimenting!

4. Connect You with Contacts

What if you don’t have a contractor and are on the search for one? What if you are looking for a custom piece to be built for your home? An interior decorator in Los Angeles doesn’t just help strengthen relationships, they also help start them! This is yet another way designers help save clients time, money, and headaches. Instead of trying to find a reliable contractor, plumber, or carpenter on your own, your interior decorator can refer you to one instead. There’s no need to waste time pouring over google reviews and hunting for recommendations. If you have an idea for a customer project, they can also connect you or help you find the right person for the job!

5. Increase Your Property Value

Whether or not you are renovating your space with the intention to sell it, an interior decorator in Los Angeles can increase the value of your home and potentially speed up the amount of time it takes for it to sell by ramping up the wow factor. The benefit here is two-fold: a faster turn-around time for you and more money that goes directly into your pocket!

6. Add Life Back Into Your Home

Interior decorators in Los Angeles are trained to think creatively and spatially, and to see a big picture that, often, clients cannot. An experienced decorator is able to think outside of the box while also paying attention to the smallest of details. From proper lighting and furniture placement to fabric choices and color palette and fixtures, a professional decorator can seamlessly tie together multiple elements without a hitch.

Five Things to Look for When Buying Bar Stools

Use of unique bar stools has emerged as a staple of the modern home kitchen as well as the counterpart of domestic dining table regardless of having its rising demand in drinking bar, restaurant, pub, and commercial kitchen. Being a potential buyer of bar stools while hunting for stools suitable for your purpose, mind well that the most significant part of using bar stools aside from its look is comfort and uniformity.


The foremost factor that needs consideration is having a unique bar stool of appropriate height. Depending on whether you buy them for users of the kitchen counter or sitting at the bar, the height differs like 24 ‘’ and 30’’ respectively. However, to make sure, it would be a sensible option to obtain a measurement of the bar counter/kitchen counter height from the floor and accordingly subtract 10’’ from that to get desired height. Maintaining the difference of height between counter tops and bar stools is a must for absolute comfort, wellbeing, and maximum productivity of the users.


Essentially, when deciding on the number of bar stools that you can accommodate in your home kitchen or commercial kitchen or bar counter, always go by the general guideline of allowing a space of 24 to 30 inches, i.e. 2- 2½ ft among two barstools. Equally, the person who will be working at the end counter of beside the wall should be offered a space of 15’’ from the partition. Having the kind of arrangement ensures everyone to sit and work resourcefully without having any hassle. So, accordingly, you should decide the number of bar stools.

Design Plan

With a profuse variety of unique bar stools in terms of shapes, design, and features available, the online market tends to make you confused of which kinds of stools should be suitable for you. Check five design features:

• Back or Backless

By choosing backless unique bar stools, you can create an illusion of your cramped kitchen being specious due to their exclusive design. Backless stools can be pushed completely under the counter when not in use that makes your floor space free for other uses and ease of cleaning. On the contrary, for users work for a longer period, backless stools can be extremely exhausting whereas medium to high backrest system should be given priority.

• With Arm or Armless

Having stools with armrest and backrest is essential to foster comfort level as well as productivity of a user due to this support. In contrast, the height of the counter is a vital determining factor whether or not, with arm or armless will be fitting for space.

• Footrest

Apart of being comfortable, having footrests in bar stools is essential whereas it’s considerably high. It offers user ease to keep balance with the support of the legs. Sitting on high stools hanging your legs often cause sudden fall and injury; as being in the posture is also unscientific that leads to aching legs and blood pooling.

• Swiveling

Depending on who is using the bar stool or his/her function, having swivel type unique bar stools is a great choice to facilitate user access all across 360-degree area without any hassle. For those who work next to kitchen prep table, kitchen counter or even in commercial place, use of rotating bar stools enhances efficiency level with extra comfort and ease to reach other counters. Never forget to have half backrest and arms for swivel stools to protect fall.

• Height Adjustable

Nowadays unique bar stools are available with a height-adjustable feature which comes handy for children to use the same counter with needed adjustment. Equally, with height-adjustable, you can also make your stool useful to work on counters of different heights and in varied place. It should have footrests, especially if you buy them for kids use.


While aesthetically tempting wooden bar stools have received vast acceptance in homes as well as commercial kitchens, blend of metal and wood stools engineered on heavy-duty stainless steel construction, stylish rot iron are equally demanding. Whether you look for bar stools to be used in the bistro, home, industrial area or beauty spa, rustic look solid wood stools are likely to pose a distinct aroma of nature and adore. To have a relaxing seating experience, consider buying well-padded upholstery or leather top unique bar stools.


Even if, aesthetic of unique bar stools should be listed first, however, critically, the visual appeal of stools will be pointless if you bring home an extremely low or high bar stools compared to your kitchen counter. So, while choosing online, consider your home interior, the color of kitchen walls, other accessories and accordingly go for the most complementary color, look, pattern and look of bar stools.

Three Tips for Choosing a Cupola for Your Home

Cupolas have been decorating the big forts to churches, homes in high tech societies, town hall buildings, and barns for many centuries. A cupola is an architectural addition to the home installed at the rooftop. It is an enclosed dome-shaped structure with openings.

Earlier, the cupola was installed for ventilation and illumination of the area beneath it. However, as the time passes, it also starts serving decorative purposes. Nowadays, cupolas are more famous for its artistic looks than functional use. A large variety of shapes and designs of cupola are out in the market, so many so that one can get confused easily which one will suit best for his or her home.

Choosing the right size and shape of the cupola is very important because if you don’t get right, then cupola might not serve the desired purpose. Therefore, we have laid down the three tips which you can follow for choosing cupola for your home.

Here are the tips:


Too large or too small cupola, in either way, can disturb the looks of home. Therefore, choosing the right size of the cupola is very important. The general guideline to choose the size of the base of the cupola is that it should be minimum one inch of the cupola to every one foot of the unbroken roofline. This thumb rule holds good for a barn and small structures.

For multi-story building, the base of cupola should be 1.5 inches of cupola per foot of the unbroken roofline. However, if your rooftop is large, you can double the width of the cupola base for every foot of the uninterrupted roofline. Also, there is no hard and fast rule of installing one cupola for the rooftop. You can also choose the two smaller cupolas than one large cupola.


The shape of cupola has a great impact on its visual effects. Most popular shapes of cupola include round, hexagonal, square, and octagonal. Cupola has three parts- Base, Mid-section, and Roof.

Base and mid-section of the cupola generally follow the same shape pattern. However, the design of the roof of the cupola can vary a bit. It can be in the shape of a dome, pyramid, or bell. Louvers or glass windows make the mid-section of the cupola. It allows light and air to pass to the area beneath it.


Cupolas are exposed directly to the harsh climatic conditions. You do not want to climb up to the rooftop for repairing the cupola every now and then. Therefore, choosing a right material of cupola is very necessary. Fortunately, you have a lot of options available to choose from. Cupola made of metal, vinyl, marble, and wood is the most popular one.

Metal Cupolas

Cupola made of aluminum and copper looks very attractive. Copper cupola looks just elegant, traditional, and authentic. It is strong, durable, and requires little maintenance, and lasts for years. Aluminum cupolas also have the same properties and can be polished to any desired color.

Vinyl Cupolas

Vinyl cupola gives the metallic finish but not made of the metals. It is impervious to water and can easily withstand harsh weather easily. It does not need any maintenance work and less expensive than metal cupola.

Wood Cupolas      

Nothing can replace the natural charm and finishing of the wood cupola. It is made of cedar wood and needs to be treated with chemical solutions to make it water resistant and pest resistant. Wood cupola requires little maintenance and care, but its charming looks compensate for that.

Marble Cupolas       

These are made of marble and almost maintenance free and last for a lifetime. Marble cupolas are the perfect choice for adding an element of elegance to your rooftop.

These are the three tips for choosing right cupola for your home.

The Bottom Line

The cupola is the center of attraction of the rooftop. It can make or break the looks of home. And once installed, lasts for years. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right cupola for your home.

How to Choose the Right Upholstery Fabric for Your Home

Kravet Upholstery Fabrics

The brand name ‘Kravet’ is a household name almost everywhere. This hundred-year-old company offers a wide range of top-quality fabrics, which will suit both adults and children. You can also find trimmings, and diverse types of interior decoration items such as cushioning materials for all sorts of furniture, carpets, wall coverings, etc. The drapery hardware items are also very much popular. The rich finished look is the special trait of this brand fabric, and that is why there is a whole great rush for the same. All of the different varieties of Kravet upholstery fabrics will be available at the professionally managed online stores run by enthusiastic individuals.

As regards the shopping of Kravet upholstery fabric, if your vote is for the traditional stores or the typical vendors who usually handle only brands, then, you will have to keep your fingers crossed. Because, chances are very rare that you will find the fitting fabric, which will go well with your specific need. On the other hand, it’s practically prudent to buy the same through the web portals of fabric agencies run by private individuals. Here, you will get the luxury of choice. You will be able to shop by brand name, color, and style. Above all, you will get personal attention. This is the reason why the bulk of the present-generation opts for such online sites, especially, for buying popular fabrics like the Kravet upholstery fabric.

Broad Range at One’s Disposal

The availability of various types of material makes the brand even more accepted. Kravet upholstery fabric comes in a variety of materials such as rayon, poly rayon, linen, cotton, etc. You can find a range of patterns from which you can select the most suitable ones for your specific need. Again, you can see a wide range of designs such as geometric, floral, ethnic, foliage, leaves, medallion, paisley, embroidered, and so many other types. You can see the same broad spectrum as far as the shades also are concerned. The available color choices include aqua, beige, blue, brown, green, metallic, red, silver, yellow, and many more. You can visit the website of a leading seller to get a comprehensive idea as regards the complete details and availability of Kravet upholstery fabric. However, you must make sure that the seller is professional in dealings, to the core.

How to Choose the Right Upholstery Fabric for Your Home?

All furniture items need a fresh look after some years, because, there will be wear and tear due to the constant use. Only by proper reupholstering, one will be able to make them fresh again. Of course, the practical requirements must be the leading factor. You must consider the following points.

Durability: The fabric must be hard-wearing; no damage must occur to the fabric, even when somebody (for instance, your children or pets) does some mischief on it. There are some primary points that you must note here. Printed fabric will not be that much tough as the woven ones. Similarly, the thread counts must be higher and the weaving must be firm; this means that there must be more threads.

Plush Look:  The furniture items that you place in the main areas such as the living room, bedrooms, and dining room must have a luxurious luster. Hence, you must choose the fabric accordingly. The design and the overall style must match the other settings.

Color: Fabric color should go well with the other items that stay within the space.

Pricing: The pricing must not be exorbitant.

Kravet Upholstery Fabric and Online Discount Fabric Store

If you can do a short search using the internet, you will come across the websites of the various online discount fabric stores who sell Kravet upholstery fabric. There will be so many, and so you must be careful while selecting one. It’s always better to deal with a privately managed agency, because, you will get good personal attention. Even so, there is a close practical connection between Kravet upholstery fabric and online discount fabric stores. It is possible to get all models of Kravet upholstery, at discounted rates from such online portals.

Decorative Lanterns to Enhance the Beauty at Outdoors

Among new generation decorative lighting accessories, the use of lanterns is all the rage among homeowners for illumining their outdoor and indoor. Most irresistibly, the subtle rustic appearance of lantern has been a glamour symbol for almost all occasions, be it weeding reception, new year party, a romantic candlelight dinner or simply to bring in a relaxing ambiance in your exterior. Available in wide variety of styles, shapes, colors and finishing, the feature oriented lanterns for sale are available online to boast your home during festive or add to year-round charm.

Choosing the Right Set of Lanterns

With increasing popularity of the lighting tool, the industry has been swarmed with infinite range of patterns, whereas being a potential buyer you need to imagine the best matching lanterns for sale while opting for. When it comes to your exterior, you should think right from the top i.e. using lanterns especially designed for cupolas to the entrance compassing staircases, balconies, roof railings, terrace garden to backyard, lawn and so on. There are plenty of functional to simple lantern lighting patterns which can be used as regular illuminating fixture to elaborate the decorative look of your outdoor. Points to consider while buying lanterns include:

Designs: To name a few among the most popular design approaches include Victorian, Moroccan, Asian sets and others. With modernization, nowadays they are designed exclusively to illuminate yards, staircase railings, open terrace, entryway, or cupolas.

Sizes and Shapes: Lanterns for sale are available in comprehensive shapes and designs including rectangular, round, square, cylindrical, octagonal, and oval. Equally, from small to big sizes of lanterns for gateway or patio are widely available.

Materials: Materials used in lanterns are of various types and qualities. Obviously the best bargain is choosing accessories that are having copper finished structure while bronze, nickel or glass finished fireproof items are also good choices. Since the lighting tools to be used mainly for outdoor, consider they’re protected with all necessary feature making them resistive to all weather conditions.

Why Buy Lantern?

Curb Appeal 

A well-lit abode looks inviting, loved and being cared for. Illuminated homes in the neighborhood draw special attention of the people while featured lighting boosts its curb appeal to a great extent. Apart from changing the mood of the ambiance, lanterns for sale illuminate the setting including walkways across the pool, driveways, decks, staircases with their delicate lighting flame and make them appealing. Cupola lantern lighting not only accentuates your astonishing cupola however, keeps the dwelling from looking it shaded, and makes it striking. By changing the colors of the bulbs in different seasons especially during festive times, you can add flair and make it whimsical.


With a series of great looking lanterns you can ensure safety of your guests, visitors, as well as family members from sudden falling at night with well lit entryways, walkways surrounding the lawn as well as stairs. Equipped with one or more bulbs and led lighting with diffusing features, lanterns for sales are available in all purpose lighting varieties.


Security is a major concern not only for your property, family members as well for visitors to your home. Outdoor lighting tools makes your home and loved ones secure by discouraging burglars to enter into the property, which has become essential nowadays. A great option to have security plus eliminating your electricity bills is to use sensor lighting and timers which get activated or turn on/off on arrival or as per schedule.

Lawn Featuring

For those outfitted with impressive landscapes with water courses, flower beds, mulch as well as flower baskets, and planters on the walkways fenced with rambling vines can wonderfully boost the look of the lovely lawn with various outdoor lighting accessories. No denying, outdoor sculptures, terraced gardens, and lawn water features widen opportunity to boost their magnificence with various lanterns for sale. Equally, with cupola lighting that often appears like a beacon, you can help your guests to spot your farmhouse in countryside which has been prepared for a grand celebration party.