Reasons to Pick Minka Lavery Pendants for Your Home

Pendants have somehow conquered the home décor arena in terms of lighting in a remarkable way. These small to large light fixtures can be used just about anywhere in the house. Use of pendant lighting can definitely take your home décor to a new level of design achievement; provided the choice of fixtures is top class – like Minka Lavery pendants.

Consider these reasons to select Minka Lavery pendants for your home.

The Choice of Different Sizes

Minka Lavery pendants are available in different sizes – mini, medium, and large. Depending on the dimensions of a room, the use of a light fixture can differ from its traditional placement. For example, for a small dining room, a chandelier is simply not the right light fixture. But a large or medium pendant can fit into the place really well. The same applies to a house with low ceilings. In such houses, pendants are ideal to use while chandeliers will simply look out of place. In that case, you can still use different-sized Minka Lavery pendants throughout your house. You can use similar styles for a seamless look or choose different designs but in the same color scheme.

For example, the Nanti series of pendants are available in both medium and mini sizes – making them perfect to use for different settings around the kitchen or the dining room. Similarly, the Raiden series comes in both large and mini sizes.

The mini and medium pendants are also ideal to use in the bathrooms. Providing perfect brightness in the bathrooms is most often challenging for designers. There are different focus areas, the need for task lighting, and the bathroom dimensions to consider. A combination of different sizes of pendants (along with other light fixtures) can offer the optimal lighting solution for bathrooms.

You have a lot of options when choosing pendant lights from Minka Lavery.

The Superb Range of Attractive Designs

You can find a suitable Minka Lavery pendant for your home irrespective of the décor. For contemporary or industrial décors, use the Downtown Edison large pendant to enhance your home with metallic illumination. The mini pendants in the same range can be used in the gallery or to light up a corner. You can then use the Edison range of island pendants to provide perfect lighting in the kitchen and complement the fixtures from the same range in the dining area.

Choose Paradox range of pendants for a more traditional setup. For an elegant but eye-catching light fixture, choose a large pendant from the Clarte range to use over the dining table, in the center of a bedroom, or to highlight a nook in a huge living room.

You can choose Minka Lavery pendants in silver, bronze, and many soft shades. The options for finishes are also quite varied – chrome, iron oxide, brushed nickel, and more. The shades are also available in linen, glass, and other materials. You can even marvel at the diversity of shapes of the Minka Lavery pendants when browsing through the brand’s collection of light fixtures.

One of the best things about Minka Lavery pendants is that the lights do not look bulky – even the large pendants. The clean lines and simple designs used in crafting Minka Lavery pendants make them the perfect light fixtures for adding an elegant touch to any home décor. The designs do not overwhelm a space but rather offer cohesiveness to the décor.

The Promise of Excellent Quality

When you choose Minka Lavery pendants, you actually invest in quality. The materials used in the pendants offer a rich look to the light fixtures. The lights look extravagant but in an elegant manner. There are no ‘excess’ or ‘overtly rich’ attributes attached to Minka Lavery lights.

The quality of pendants is perfect for opulence and leisure but with every bit of comfort. The shades provide the perfect brightness – nor too bright; neither too dim. The etching on glass shades ticks all the quality parameters. The finishes appear smooth, opulent, and gloriously attractive.

Whether you are looking for light fixtures for your new home or plan to redecorate your existing abode; Minka Lavery pendants can add just the right charm and allure to your personal space.

Charming Seagull Lighting Chandeliers for Your Interiors

Seagull chandeliers offer a wide range of Chandeliers that you can use for the purpose of your home beautifying task. Not just the range of chandeliers but the service and lighting effect it offers have served its best since years. Adequate lighting is the essence of having a house that is fascinating and welcoming. Seagull lighting chandeliers have the power of playing the absolute magic to enhance the interior of your house. The shades, the designs, the patterns all in a perfect combination can help you get the right and enhanced interiors for your home. Here is how an ideal chandelier can transform your house interiors and get you a calm and cosy place of residence.

Layered lighting

There are many Chandeliers which comes with the layered lighting effect that has different shades of colors to enhance the visuals. These chandeliers can boost up the lighting interest of your room and get it a perfect ambience where you would love to enjoy your comfy zone. They can add up to your home décor and lay up your home in a picture perfect layout.

Dimming effect

Having all the lights switched off with a single chandelier hanging from your ceiling lighting up the room can lay out the perfect mood for your night. Chandeliers come with dimmer controls to get your room a shadowy effect and adding on versatility to the place. These lights can be customized according to your choice and can be turned on when you are hosting a party to mesmerize your guests with its beauty.

To make a wow entrance

Having some guests for the party and a big chandelier hung up at the entrance to render a welcoming hand can be a perfect combo of welcoming in style. The very first impressio0n created by those hanging beauties can get your guests amazed at the sight of these beautiful lights and also get some people asking you again and again about the place where you have brought these lights. An oversized chandelier in a king-sized living room can add the perfect touch of welcome at the very first point of the entrance of your guests.

Creates a central focal point

A huge chandelier hanging up at the center of your room is capable enough of producing a central focal point. Having the cake ceremony done just beneath these lights can get you some picture perfect selfies and photographs to cherish for a lifetime. These masterpieces can add a full package of elegance and central attraction point to your room. They can get your room welcome in style and stand as the primary source of attraction amongst all the interiors that you may have added up to beautify your room.

Adaptability to all kinds of rooms

It’s not just that your living rooms and dining rooms can be in possession of those beautiful chandeliers, you can get different varieties of chandeliers that can adapt to the needs of your other rooms as well. Though hard to believe, but you can also invest on a chandelier for your bathrooms if you have a craving for beautifying your washrooms. Yes, you can go in for bigger size and king size chandeliers for living rooms and dining rooms, but a small sized chandelier in your bathrooms can be something awesome that you can have to add a pinch of luxurious feel of bathing in your bathroom.

Caters Extra light

If you have limited light in your rooms then hanging up a beautiful chandelier in your room can get you some extra light for your space. You can also install small size chandeliers in your kitchen to have the lighted up and shiny effect in your cooking heaven.

Coordination power

Not only do these chandeliers get you extra light but helps in building coordination amongst the interiors of your room. Starting from the central focus, these chandeliers help to deliver a perfect balance amongst the various lights that you might have set up at other corners of the room and helps to build proper sync in between them. It helps in making your room look consistent and maintains a balance between the colors and lighting effects that you are implementing at your home.

How to Choose the Perfect Lights for Your Kitchen

The right light fixtures can elevate your kitchen space; the not-so-right ones can make it appear boring and depressing. Kitchen is a place for family to come together and spend quality time with each other. It is also a space where your guests can see your design style. So, it is crucial that the kitchen lights are perfect.

Here are some ideas to choose the perfect lights for your kitchen.

• Use pendants on the kitchen island, over the sink, and in the pantry if you have one. When selecting pendant lights, aim to find stylish fixtures that also offer adequate brightness.

Pendant light fixtures will act as the task lighting for your countertops. So, you can’t favor design of the light only. For instance, Seagull lighting pendants are available for every décor and design sensibility. You can use five or seven small pendants or three large ones. If your kitchen opens into the living room or directly faces it; use glass pendants over the countertops to keep the view of the house unobstructed.

• You can mix up decorative styles in the kitchen for uniqueness. Many companies make pendants lights in traditional and classic designs. If you want classic light fixtures to elegantly blend with granite countertops and marble flooring; choose pendant lights made with metal and rustic design elements.

Seagull lighting pendants are available in many classic and elegant designs that can complement traditional, modern, and transitional décors perfectly. If you choose classic styles from reputed brands; your light fixtures can last you a long time without looking dated.

• Use recessed lights in the kitchen for days when you need extra overall illumination in the kitchen. These lights are accent features that add depth to a space. You may not always use them. But do install them when designing your kitchen. Don’t forget accent lights if you have beautiful china collection or elegant cabinets that you can highlight. You can use accent lights over the cabinets in the form of track lights. You can use also them under the cabinets.

• If you have a large kitchen space, you can use a chandelier as a decorative accent. Match it with the pendant lights in terms of material and design for a seamless look. Other idea is to contrast it with other kitchen light fixtures. So, if you have used etched glass pendants; use a crystal chandelier. If your pendants are circular with LED lights, use a chandelier featuring a square or rectangular design.

• Use a light fixture with diffused white illumination as the ambient light in the kitchen. The chandelier or the recessed lights can act as the main lighting element in the kitchen. The ambient light is nothing but the one fixture that you use to first light up a room. It can be a simple light fixture that you use to illuminate a room upon entering it. The task and accent lights are fixtures you use for specific purposes. For ambient light, choose styles with dimmers so that you can adjust the brightness as needed.

• As for the light color, it is up to specific preferences. Some prefer white lights; while others like the warmth of yellow glow. You can choose both if use of yellow lights alone is something you are not comfortable with due to their muted glow. In that case, choose yellow for accents and white for ambient and task lights.

A big fluorescent fixture is ideal as an ambient light. If you use a bright light as the main lighting element in the kitchen, you can use pendants that offer muted illumination. Some pendant styles favor style over function. If something like this appeals to you; use of bright ambient light allows you to use stylish lights that are more decorative than practical.

For perfect illumination in the kitchen, plan the placement of task lights first. Otherwise, you may end up adding more accent lights than required. When you have your task lights in order, you can plan for accent pieces for adding visual interest in the kitchen or for more illumination.

How to Use Ceiling Fans with Modern Décor

If you think a ceiling fan can look dated in your modern home, then think again. Contemporary ceiling fans are designed to perfectly match, boost, or enhance modern-style homes.

It is easy to underestimate the value of a ceiling fan as a decorative element. But if you are using one for cooling a room, why not use the ceiling fan in a way that also adds to your modern and comfortable home’s décor? Whether you want to use a ceiling fan for its practical uses, as a decorative element, or may be for both utilities; its placement can help you define and enhance any room’s style.

Here are some ideas to use ceiling fans with modern and contemporary decorative styles.

• If your modern décor has a lot of steel or metal elements, you can choose ceiling fans in nickel or chrome finishes. For example, Minka Aire ceiling fans in brushed nickel with silver blades in really simple styles are perfect for homes that feature clean and simple metallic accents.

• For industrial-style décors, you can select ceiling fans in metal finishes with long blades. With high ceilings, you can use fans with really large blade spans. If your living room is not large, you can use smaller fans in chrome finishes that feature unique designs such as retro elements, etched details, or wire components on the body.

• If subtlety is not something you want in your design accents, boost your modern décor with a contemporary fan style with one or two blades in striking white or metallic color.

• Do you have a monochrome theme going in your living room? If yes, then a ceiling fan in chrome and black with an etched light fixture can look really fantastic. If you want something simpler, select fans with three blades in black or white with or without light fixtures.

• Pastels feature very prominently in many modern decorative styles. White ceiling fans are ideal to use with pastels to really complement the décor and not to take away from the soft colors. With pastels, it is important to maintain the balance of colors in a space otherwise the design theme can appear shabby.

• For minimalist décor or living rooms with subtle colors and sleek furnishings; you have the opportunity to really augment this space with the use of a ceiling fan in a really dramatic design. If you choose a reputed brand of ceiling fan, you won’t have any difficulty in finding flamboyant or striking designs that can complement any décor. For instance, with Minka Aire ceiling fans; it is easy to add a bit of theater to any space with designs that include multiple turbofans or blades of different sizes.

• Transitional décor is fluid with a mix of elements from traditional and modern styles. It offers the perfect opportunity to go all out with your ceiling fan choice without any restrictions to match the décor. Choose designs with metal etchings, pull chains, halogen lights, or whatever styles strike your decorative fantasy.

• With décors in earthy tones, use ceiling fans in deep shades of brown with or without metal ornamental designs. You can choose from cocoa and bronze finishes to even black fans with understated elegance.

• If your rooms feature bold colors, use white or black ceiling fans with three or five blades for maximum effect. The trick is to complement the loud color palette and not take away from it. Colors that invoke a fresh feeling such as leaf green, sunflower yellow, and azure look best with white ceiling and design elements. If your rooms have a crisp, fresh look to them, use white in abundance with fixtures and accents.

• For rooms with an airy feel or spaciousness; use fans in sleek designs that are modern yet classic.

When it comes to adding a ceiling fan to your home, treat it like any other design element that also has practical uses. Select a ceiling fan after you have finalized other elements for a space. Use your imagination to install ceiling fans to suit your own sense of style.

Innovative Indoor and Outdoor Lighting in Various Finishes by SeaGull Lighting

No matter, whether you’re in quest of pendant illumination for indoor furnishings, task lights or entryway lighting, you can find plethora of impressive designs to choose the ideal one for your home setting. As you know, pendants are chiefly used in doorways; however, with the appearance of classy indoor concepts, deploying pendants has become a craze amid fashion enthusiast people worldwide.

Boost Indoor with Awe-inspiring Pendants

Among the three ideal indoor places where you can think of installing pendants include dining room, kitchen island and in hall or billiard room. Following are some helpful tips to place seagull lighting pendants and seagull lighting chandeliers to beauty your home indoor artistically.

In the Dining Place

Even though chandeliers are traditionally seen in dining places for the ages, however, modernism can definitely catch attention if you consider using multi-lighted vintage looking pendants in its place. Remember, your fixture should be hanged around 3 ft above the dining table that not only looks awesome but also help shun the lighting fixture obstructing while dinning and chitchatting.

In the Kitchen

Undeniably, a kitchen counter is the activity place that is demanding for task lighting fixtures. For this eventful counter setting, planning for pendant illumination can be extremely helpful and great looking. However, consider the item only if you have a new generation open-kitchen or big modular kitchen that looks amazing with contrasting lighting fixtures in the din area. Bearing in mind the traffic of family members while hanging pendant, you must maintain a minimum gap of 40 inches between the fixture and the podium.

In Hall, Billiard Room and Entryways

From the viewpoint of aesthetic, ambiance or task essentiality, whether it is a hall event, entryway decoration or boosting billiard room coolness; furnishing with multi-light pendants, as well as chandeliers tend to be most gracious, brilliant and cheery. Place the great piece above 42-48 inches of the gathering place of playing board surface.

Make your Outdoor a Paradise Land with Antique Chandeliers

When it comes to outdoor lighting ranging from illumination of your landscape, lighting of the walkways, seasonable display, or a garden party, the amount of lighting required varies in accordance with the intended.

Simply put, when you are intended to make your designed landscapes WOW to your neighbors, guests and family friends typically plan for less lighting that can boast the patters of the setting with combination of shadow and lighting around the yard. Equally, for lighting the walkways, you can consider cage lighting, solar lantern, as well as accent lighting, which are top trendy ideas.

However, task lighting is especially required with other fixtures for an event like wedding venue, anniversary, get-together and more. In order to make your illuminating concept the most unbeatable, pick up an ideal set of antique chandelier, which will look truly convivial, impressive, and striking. The lighting of chandelier in the dark open-air will make the guests feel like a paradise land. With seagull lighting pendants and seagull lighting chandeliers you can get loads of far-fetched trendy and traditional designs best fit for your outdoor.

Well, if you arrange the event in well-lit reception hall, special tent or in any other indoor setting, it is from small, medium to large chandeliers can be chosen out of the huge varieties. Two most popular types of chandeliers are

Blondie Chandeliers

Available in different sizes Blondie chandeliers are great choice for a beachside, nautical, and open air wedding event. The chandeliers are highly demanding in the global market. Buying one from top rated companies is the best bargain.

Birdcage Chandeliers

Birdcage is a combination of elegant looking birdcage lighting system and pendant lampshade that remain suspended in clusters. Found in versatile designs chandeliers can match perfectively with any event party both indoor and outdoor.

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