Benefits of Hiring A Professional Kitchen Hood Cleaning Company

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Cleaning commercial kitchen hoods is one of those jobs in a restaurant that nobody likes to do, but it is so incredibly important to maintaining a safe kitchen. Kitchen hoods are specialized parts of the HVAC system and need to be properly cleaned every day by the kitchen staff. They also need to be cleaned by a professional commercial kitchen hood cleaning company twice a year. Every restaurant owner or manager that doesn’t have a kitchen cleaning company should be searching for commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me as soon as possible.

Some restaurant owners or managers forgo the “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me” search and attempt to train staff to thoroughly clean the kitchen hood system. Here are 3 reasons why every restaurant manager should hire a professional kitchen hood cleaning service:

1)  Safety

According to the National Restaurant Association, there are almost 8,000 restaurant and bar fires every year that cause an average of $246 million in direct property damage. This number does not include lost revenue while the fire restoration work is being done. While most kitchens have proper fire-suppression systems installed, it is the regular maintenance of kitchen equipment that gets missed. Twice-yearly professional commercial kitchen hood cleaning drastically reduces the risks of restaurant fires.

Failing to search for “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me” and hiring a professional cleaning company can put any restaurant at a much greater risk for fire.

There are many flammable materials in a commercial kitchen, but not many people think of a dirty kitchen hood as one of them. When flames leap too high from the cooking surface, the ventilation fan within the kitchen hood sucks the flame up into the system. For a clean kitchen hood, this is not a problem. In kitchens where there is build-up of grease and dirt within the kitchen hood system, this build-up ignites and can cause a massive fire. If the kitchen hood has been neglected for quite some time, that build-up of flammable grease can cause a large and dangerous fire that gets pulled into the entire system. Electrical components, wiring and ducting can all be damaged or completely incinerated by a kitchen hood fire. Of course, that much flame will also spread to other parts of the structure and the entire restaurant can be lost. Serious kitchen fires spread quickly to adjacent buildings, and the devastation can be extensive. Searching for “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me” can help prevent this from happening.

Professional services that advertise commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me are experienced and equipped to do routine inspections and cleanings of all types of commercial kitchen hoods. They are fast and efficient. Professional kitchen hood cleaning services keep restaurant kitchens safer.

2)  Efficiency

Though fire safety is the number one reason for finding a professional commercial kitchen hood cleaning company near me, it also increases the efficiency of the hood and HVAC system. Well-maintained commercial kitchen hoods use less energy to run, which saves money on utility costs for the restaurant.

Restaurants that have a standing bi-annual professional commercial kitchen hood cleaning company near me appointment find that their equipment lasts much longer with less need for repair. Grease and dirt build-up in kitchen hoods and ducting can contribute to breakdowns more regularly. Also, if the hood is not effectively removing grease from the air in the kitchen, other pieces of equipment are more likely to break down due to grease build-up.

3)  Saves on Down Time

Many restaurant managers do not think of the money-saving aspect of searching for “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me” and hiring a professional to inspect and clean their equipment. Hiring a professional means that the job will be done properly the first time and as fast as possible. When kitchen staff are tasked with the job, it generally takes much longer and is not done thoroughly. Since the kitchen needs to be shut down for the duration of the maintenance, extended cleaning periods really take a toll on the profitability of the restaurant.

Professional kitchen hood cleaning companies have the equipment to do the job right. They are efficient and effective. When a restaurant manager searches for “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me,” they are rarely disappointed with the results. Finding an experienced and reliable kitchen hood cleaning company can take a lot of stress and worry out of restaurant management.

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