Home Plumbing Maintenance: Conducting Plumbing Checkups This Spring

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The changing weather from winter to spring can bring in a slew of plumbing problems. The cold temperature can play havoc with the pipes and you may need to replace them in the spring. It is also a good idea to inspect all the drains and other appliances in the house before the warmer months arrive.

The Significance of Spring Plumbing Maintenance

The changing weather can damage metal. Extreme cold temperatures can freeze the water inside pipes. The expansion in the metal due to the formation of the ice can cause damage to the plumbing. As the warmer months approach, you will notice leaks in the pipes. Freezing water can also cause extensive damage to components inside and outside the water systems.

Failure to do timely repairs can mean you having to spend a significant amount of money in replacing plumbing in your house. So, it is best to keep tabs on the plumbing and appliances before the onset of summer. It will help you save time, money, and hassles due to plumbing problems as a result of changing weather.

A quick checkup by a plumber can help you keep plumbing problems in the warmer months away. You can find reliable and professional plumbers by searching online using your location in the search term. For instance, use Home Plumbing in Villa Park (if this is your location). Check their websites and online reviews. Choose a plumber with the best services within your budget.

Spring Plumbing Maintenance Checklist


Leaks in the pipes are likely due to harsh winters. When spring arrives, check the pipes for any leaks or wet spots. These may indicate that frozen water has damaged the pipes in some way. If you notice it, call a plumber immediately. Conduct such tests in all the pipes in your home. If you have pipes in any outdoor space, check them too.

Check the entire house for leaks. The damp walls in the basement, attic, or any crawl space can indicate water leakage. In the winter months, it is possible that you ignored these areas of the house. You can also check for leaks by observing the reading of the water meter at night and compare it with the reading in the morning. If it changes and no one in the house has used much water at night; it could indicate leaks inside the house. A plumber can quickly identify the problem and rectify it.

Broken Components

Check the hose bibs and all the faucets in the spring. Winter can cause breakage in these components. The water hose may have leaks or some sort of damage. If you replace these broken components in time, it will save you the hassles from all the leaks that can result from them.

Appliance Health

If an appliance is not working well, it could be due to rust inside the pipes. If you close a pipe off for the winters, rust can form inside it. It can cause significant change in the water pressure and cause damage to the pipes or the water heater.

Sediment can also deposit inside the water heaters; lowering the efficiency of the appliance. If you notice strange smells from the water emerging from the heater, call a plumber to inspect it. The problem can be solved by flushing the water heater. If the damage is extensive, you will have to replace the water heater. Ask the plumber for tips to keep the sediments away from the water heater or at least keep them to a minimum.

Washing machine, dryer vents, and ice dispenser can also get damaged due to mineral deposits, leaks, and other problems with the water pressure. If you notice problems with any of their functions, call a professional for help.

Gutters and Downspouts

Ensure that there is no debris in the gutters, drains, and downspouts. If your region gets rainfall in the spring, the debris along with sleet or rainfall can cause damage to the house. Cracks in the drains and gutters can cause leaks and damage to your house. Water damage can lead to mold. Debris can clog the drains; causing all sorts of problems for the inhabitants of the house.

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