Top Advantages of Hiring Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Cleaning the grease trap in your restaurant is something that needs to be done meticulously and at regular intervals. When done right, it ensures a long life for the grease trap system, while also protecting from bad odors, clogged drains, breakdowns, and costly repairs. Hiring a commercial grease trap cleaning service provider is the best choice in this regard. Here are some reasons why.

# 1 – Commercial grease trap cleaners perform cleaning on a schedule

When you rely on the kitchen or housekeeping staff to clean the grease trap, you’re leaving the system to a possibility of failure. Many a time, these workers get busy with other tasks, causing them to put off grease trap cleaning for a later date, eventually causing debris to pile up and create resultant problems. Professional and commercial cleaners, on the other hand, maintain a strict cleaning schedule, allowing them to keep the trap system in its pristine and fully functional conditioning.

# 2 – They dispose of grease safely

During the cleaning process, layers of grease build up are scraped off the walls of the trap. Such debris that has been removed cannot be thrown haphazardly into the garbage but needs to be disposed off properly as per local regulations. A commercial service provider of grease trap cleaning typically has a permit that allows them to get rid of the grease as per local laws. They also have certifications and paperwork approved by authorities, which facilities them to do this job in a compliant manner, thus ridding you of headaches or troubles associated with scheduled maintenance of grease filter systems.

# 3 – The service providers help maintain necessary records

Proper documentation is necessary every time a grease trap cleaning is done. This is because when local authorities such as the health or food safety department comes with surprise inspections, you need to produce necessary paperwork that shows when your grease trap was last cleaned and how you have maintained it properly. Hiring a professional cleaning service company helps you with all such needs. As part of their job, these service providers give you with all necessary documents relating to the maintenance undertaken. Such up-to-date documents help establish the fact that your grease trap is functioning properly and that isn’t leaching out grease and fat-ridden water into the local municipal drainage system. Such paperwork also helps avert fines, temporary suspensions or revocations of restaurant operating licenses; all of which can have a huge negative impact on your business and its reputation.

# 4 – They inspect the system for warning signs

Removing debris is just one part of the job of a grease trap cleaner. These professionals additionally inspect the entire system for warning signs such as dents in the tank, broken filters, corroding walls, and so on. Identifying such signs on time helps them perform necessary fixes before they flare up into bigger problems that warrant major repairs, replacements, or a complete overhaul of the system. Routine cleaning, combined with routine inspection, and on the spot repairs helps keep your grease trap system running smoothly till the next maintenance.

# 5 – They perform a not-so-pleasant job without qualms

This is an often overlooked part, but grease trap cleaning isn’t particularly a pleasant job. It is a messy task involving a lot of scraping and scouring all the while dealing with filthy food debris, oils, and fats. It can also be bothersome to people who can’t stand odors because the cleaning work also involves keeping up with the stench that emanates from the filters. Commercial cleaning trap providers are better equipped to perform this and also have the right tools and necessary equipments to keep your grease filters systems in good shape. All the more reason to hire a professional to perform grease trap cleaning. As a restaurant owner, there are many things that need your attention for the successful day to day operations. Rather than invest your time in DIY cleaning of traps, hire a septic tank pumping companies service provider who can take up the job at a reasonable price. You may incur a small expense every time you outsource the cleaning task, but it lies in everyone’s best interests. For all the services that they provide, as mentioned above, you will be left with more time to run your restaurant business so that it can be a success.

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