Reasons to Pick Minka Lavery Pendants for Your Home

Pendants have somehow conquered the home décor arena in terms of lighting in a remarkable way. These small to large light fixtures can be used just about anywhere in the house. Use of pendant lighting can definitely take your home décor to a new level of design achievement; provided the choice of fixtures is top class – like Minka Lavery pendants.

Consider these reasons to select Minka Lavery pendants for your home.

The Choice of Different Sizes

Minka Lavery pendants are available in different sizes – mini, medium, and large. Depending on the dimensions of a room, the use of a light fixture can differ from its traditional placement. For example, for a small dining room, a chandelier is simply not the right light fixture. But a large or medium pendant can fit into the place really well. The same applies to a house with low ceilings. In such houses, pendants are ideal to use while chandeliers will simply look out of place. In that case, you can still use different-sized Minka Lavery pendants throughout your house. You can use similar styles for a seamless look or choose different designs but in the same color scheme.

For example, the Nanti series of pendants are available in both medium and mini sizes – making them perfect to use for different settings around the kitchen or the dining room. Similarly, the Raiden series comes in both large and mini sizes.

The mini and medium pendants are also ideal to use in the bathrooms. Providing perfect brightness in the bathrooms is most often challenging for designers. There are different focus areas, the need for task lighting, and the bathroom dimensions to consider. A combination of different sizes of pendants (along with other light fixtures) can offer the optimal lighting solution for bathrooms.

You have a lot of options when choosing pendant lights from Minka Lavery.

The Superb Range of Attractive Designs

You can find a suitable Minka Lavery pendant for your home irrespective of the décor. For contemporary or industrial décors, use the Downtown Edison large pendant to enhance your home with metallic illumination. The mini pendants in the same range can be used in the gallery or to light up a corner. You can then use the Edison range of island pendants to provide perfect lighting in the kitchen and complement the fixtures from the same range in the dining area.

Choose Paradox range of pendants for a more traditional setup. For an elegant but eye-catching light fixture, choose a large pendant from the Clarte range to use over the dining table, in the center of a bedroom, or to highlight a nook in a huge living room.

You can choose Minka Lavery pendants in silver, bronze, and many soft shades. The options for finishes are also quite varied – chrome, iron oxide, brushed nickel, and more. The shades are also available in linen, glass, and other materials. You can even marvel at the diversity of shapes of the Minka Lavery pendants when browsing through the brand’s collection of light fixtures.

One of the best things about Minka Lavery pendants is that the lights do not look bulky – even the large pendants. The clean lines and simple designs used in crafting Minka Lavery pendants make them the perfect light fixtures for adding an elegant touch to any home décor. The designs do not overwhelm a space but rather offer cohesiveness to the décor.

The Promise of Excellent Quality

When you choose Minka Lavery pendants, you actually invest in quality. The materials used in the pendants offer a rich look to the light fixtures. The lights look extravagant but in an elegant manner. There are no ‘excess’ or ‘overtly rich’ attributes attached to Minka Lavery lights.

The quality of pendants is perfect for opulence and leisure but with every bit of comfort. The shades provide the perfect brightness – nor too bright; neither too dim. The etching on glass shades ticks all the quality parameters. The finishes appear smooth, opulent, and gloriously attractive.

Whether you are looking for light fixtures for your new home or plan to redecorate your existing abode; Minka Lavery pendants can add just the right charm and allure to your personal space.

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